I am, currently, an assistant professor at the department of computer science, Albaha University since May 2017. I obtained my Masters and Ph. D. in computer science at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale in 2012 and 2016 consecutively. My work falls within the areas of network science, distributed artificial intelligence, complex systems, multiagent systems and organization theory. Please check out my research for more details.

I am, besides academic, enthusiast of creating new businesses, supporting new ideas and helping new startups come to life and flourish. If you are on the look for a consultant, please feel free to contact me.


Collective behaviors of any beings as well as reactions to certain (might be enforced) feeds in social/behavioral settings have always puzzled me. I am interested in understanding such a collaborative life while adapting to dynamic changes of actors, objectives and in some cases the purpose of existence.

To this point, I design semantics as well as mathematical models for adaptive organizations based multi-agent systems where semi-autonomous agents dwell in a dynamic network of interactions.

My focus broadly encompass:

  • Adaptive Multi-Agent Systems,
  • Organizational Theory,
  • Complex Networks,
  • Cognitive Models and
  • Computational Social behaviors.

Recent Release


Type Title Venue
Journal A serious-gamification blueprint towards a normalized attention Brain Informatics
Journal A Generic Encapsulation to Unravel Social Spreading of a Pandemic: An Underlying Architecture Computers
Journal An External Client-Based Approach for the Extract Class Refactoring: A Theoretical Model and an Empirical Approach Applied Science
Workshop Modeling an AR Serious Game to Increase Attention of ADHD Patients IEEE COMPSAC: ESAS
Journal Towards Social Capital in a Network Organization: A Conceptual Model and an Empirical Approach Entropy
Journal AR-Therapist: Design and Simulation of an AR-Game Environment as a CBT for Patients with ADHD Healthcare
Conference Modeling an Augmented Reality Game Environment to Enhance Behavior of ADHD Patients Brain Informatics
Conference Using Client-Based Class Cohesion Metrics to Predict Class Maintainability IEEE COMPSAC
Conference-Poster A Measurement of Social Capital in an Open Source Software Project SBP-BRiMS
Magazine Network organization paradigm AI-Matters: ACM
Workshop Measuring Synergy from Benevolence in a Network Organization MIPC@AAAI
Conference Ubiquity of network organizations: paradigmatic perspective and synergistic effect CTS: IEEE/ACM/IFIP
Conference: DC A Reference Model for a Networked Organization AAMAS
Conference: SA A Succinct Conceptualization of the Foundations for a Network Organization Paradigm AAAI
Conference: SA Social Capital in Network Organizations AAAI
Book Chapter Conceptual modeling of networked organizations: The case of aum shinrikyo CRC Press, T&F
Journal Plasticity in Network Organizations JACIII
Journal Modeling emergent network organizations WIAS
Conference Spontaneous organizations: Collaborative computing model of a networked organization CollaborateCom
Journal A Cooperative Game Theory-based Approach for Energy-Aware Job Scheduling in Cloud IJCA-ISCA
Extended List


Type Title Venue
Proceedings The 2nd Workshop on the Internet of Agents AAMAS
Journal Networked Agents of Complex Online Organisations IJCIStudies
Proceedings The 1st Workshop on the Internet of Agents WI: ACM, IEEE, WIC
Proceedings The 3rd Workshop on Collaborative Online Organizations AAMAS
Proceedings The 2nd Workshop on Collaborative Online Organizations AAMAS
Proceedings The 1st Workshop on Collaborative Online Organizations AAMAS
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